Software Assets Managed Services

Servicing our Customers in maximizing their software assets alignment to their business and ROI along the whole life-cycle.

SAM Managed Services

A SAM Baseline or SAM Value assessment provides a snapshot of the state of your enterprise at a specific moment. But what if you want insights later, when your infrastructure has evolved?

A SAM Managed Services engagement provides you those same insights on an ongoing basis – so even as your organization is evolving you will be able to gain insight into the state of your software infrastructure.

The benefits

Apeiron Sumus offers SAM Managed Services contracts on a 2-year and 4-year basis. At any time during the life of the engagement, you can see just how your software assets are allocated, even if your software infrastructure is evolving rapidly. If you are involved in a multi-year digital transformation project, a SAM Managed Services engagement provides ongoing insights that can help you understand:

  • How you might gain greater value from your Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server deployments

  • How you might refine today’s processes for greater efficiency, effectiveness, performance, and resilience

  • Which systems and services you might want to consider consolidating next

  • Which systems and services you might want to move to the cloud next

  • How to execute the next stage of your digital transformation in a manner that is least disruptive to your business

Every step in your digital transformation means you are one (or one more) step removed from the view of your assets captured in a static SAM Baseline Assessment. While a one-step remove is not always problematic, a multi-step remove can compromise your insight significantly. A SAM Managed Services engagement ensures that you are never removed from those insights because you are always working with a view of your infrastructure that is current and up to date.

The experience

The SAM Managed Services engagement rolls out in a manner identical to a SAM Baseline or Value engagement:

  • During a Planning stage, Apeiron Sumus works closely with you to determine the extent of the IT landscape to be explored and to engage the relevant stakeholders.

  • During the Data Collection stage, Apeiron Sumus works both onsite and remotely with tools such as Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit. It also uses scripts and questionnaires to capture raw data about the distribution of infrastructure and software assets.

Like a SAM Baseline or Value assessment, the SAM Managed Services engagement also has Data Analysis and Recommendations stages – but in a SAM Managed Services engagement these stages are ongoing. Apeiron Sumus personnel work with your team to ensure that we continue to collect data from your infrastructure even as your infrastructure evolves. This ensures that we can perform ongoing analysis and make updated recommendations any time you seek them during the life of the contract.

Why Apeiron Sumus?

Apeiron Sumus was the first consulting organization in Latin America to specialize in SAM and it works closely with Microsoft to facilitate an open engagement with customers. We have a team of dedicated SAM professionals and a state-of-the art SAM delivery center in which these experts can create the deliverables associated with a SAM engagement.

Apeiron Sumus has conducted more than 1,000 SAM Assessment engagements since 2014 – with public, private, and governmental organizations throughout the Americas. In 2018, Microsoft named Apeiron Sumus its SAM Partner of the Year, an award presented annually to the SAM partner that delivers the greatest value to its customers and demonstrates the best practices for the industry.