Digital Assessment and Transformation

Helping our Customers to embrace and monetize the opportunity that the Digital Transformation offers to their business.

Digital Assesment & Transformation

What business opportunities might be offered by digital transformation – and how can you capitalize on your software investments to make the most of those opportunities? Engaging Apeiron Sumus to conduct a Digital Assessment and Transformation review provides actionable answers to those questions.

The benefits

An Apeiron Sumus Digital Assessment and Transformation review helps you understand both the impact of digital transformation and the opportunities for monetization that such a transformation could enable. We deliver a comprehensive digital transformation context assessment that provides preliminary identification of the key success factors, blockers and accelerators related to your prospective transformation.

  • A Mission Statement defining the purpose of your digital transformation
  • A Digital Transformation SWOT Analysis summarizing the strengths and weaknesses of your existing infrastructure in terms of how effectively they position you to respond to the external opportunities and threats
  • A Porter’s Five Forces Analysis assessing the attractiveness of the business and market by analyzing the forces acting upon it
  • A Portfolio/Value Matrix analyzing the alignment and competitiveness of your current product/service portfolio from a digital perspective

Using the digital transformation context assessment document as an input, Apeiron Sumus will then help you develop a strategic digital planning roadmap to guide your digital transformation efforts.

  • A Strategic Business Case defining your digital vision, strategy, and transformation justification
  • A Target State envisioning the alignment of markets and customers; services, products, and processes; and systems and tools that will enable you to monetize the market opportunity enabled by digital transformation
  • The Transitioning Plan outlining the transition from your current to the target states, including the key programs, projects and activities that are needed.

The bottom line? Engaging Apeiron Sumus to perform a Digital Assessment and Transformation analysis delivers the insights you need to plan a successful digital transformation and to maximize the ROI derived from your current and future software investments.

The experience

A Digital Assessment and Transformation engagement rolls out in three phases:

In Phase I, we help our Customers to explore the Digital Transformation Impact and Opportunity for their business. We produce as an outcome a Digital Transformation Context Assessment, a comprehensive document that preliminarily identifies the Key Success Factors, Blockers and Accelerators related to our Customer Digital Business Transformation, including:

In Phase II, and using the Digital Transformation Context Assessment as an input, we also assist our Customer to produce the Strategic Digital Planning Document that will serve as a roadmap for our Customer Business' Digital Transformation Process, including:

In Phase III, we help our Customers to connect and map their Software Assets with their Strategic Digital Planning, and thru this process we enable them to maximize their Return of the Investment and Business Alignment related to their Software  Assets that will allow them to Embrace and Monetize the Digital Transformation.