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What We Do

Our Mission is to be our Customer’s Trusted Advisor for their Software Asset Management along it’s whole life cycle. We translate our Mission into Execution through our Offerings.

Whether yours is a government agency or a large private business, you are always responding to a world of change and opportunity. Your internal groups need flexible solutions to enable them to be responsive to new and emerging opportunities and needs. Your IT organization may be reconfiguring systems and networks and services regularly to empower those groups – so much so that yesterday’s IT landscape may look nothing like today’s, which may bear no resemblance to tomorrow’s.

So how does your team keep track of who’s using what resources? How do you know whether your resources are optimally deployed and license compliant?  And if you were to discover you are not as optimally deployed as your business needs demand, how do you evolve this dynamic environment to become the optimally-deployed organization that you want to be? That business or public demands require you to be? 

That’s where Apeiron Sumus comes in.


Software Asset Management

Helping our Customers to build on the foundation of a SAM Baseline Assesment to maximize their ROI in Software Assets.


SAM Managed Services

Servicing our Customers in maximizing their Software Asset alignment to their Business and ROI along the whole life-cycle. 


Digital Assesment and Transformation

Helping our Customers to embrace and monetize the opportunity that the Digital Transformation offers to their business.